Sun Lakes Chandler Animal Clinic
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What to Expect

What To Expect At Your Pet’s Appointment

When you arrive, you’ll be checked in by our friendly reception staff. For everyone’s safety and to keep stress at a minimum, we ask that you please have your dogs leashed and have cats in a carrier.

If you have previous veterinary records for your pet, you can give them to us at this time. You can also let us know the name and contact information for your previous veterinarian at the time you make your appointment, and we can call and have those records sent to us.

Our clinic is focused on personalized care and preventive medicine, so we always recommend that our patients have a wellness check-up annually. (Puppies, kittens, and seniors may need more frequent visits.) Annual wellness check-ups include a full nose-to-tail physical exam as well as a dental exam. Dr. Greenway has extensive training and experience in advanced dental care, so you can rest assured your pet is in great hands if there are dental issues. 

Depending on the doctor’s findings, there may be recommendations for diagnostic testing, preventative care, or treatments. Feel free to ask any questions, and please know that we will always provide you with an estimate and get your approval before proceeding.

We hope you enjoy your visit and will let us know if there’s anything we can do to make your experience better at our clinic!